Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's the little things

You know your a fiber lover when you stop to take a picture of how your yarn ball is unraveling. So cute.

Dolly DK (knit bear in the making)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simply Cute Pattern Series

My "Simply Cute" pattern series is growing and I'm having a great time creating these adorable pets. Simply Cute Lion and Pig are available for in my Etsy Shop (The Wool Purl) and on Ravelry.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bears and Change

Hi bear lovers. I know your probably wondering where the heck are the bears. Well, there will always be a bear or two in the making here, but that little bear might have a different look or style these days. After sewing sewing bears almost every day for 13 years, it feels like it's time for a change. So for now my mohair and furs have been folded and put away. Of course, I'll be making bears every now and then, but it didn't seem fair to to keep the website up without any new cubs to meet, so has closed and the new blog is up and running.

Here you'll be able to keep in touch, see what's in the making and meet new bears and critters with sweet faces. Right now, I'm working on new crochet patterns (the series currently has four sweet faced animals from my "Simply Cute" Series. There is a bear, a lamb, a lion and a pig to meet). I'm getting a chance to make new things and have been enjoying some simple pleasure like retro granny squares (just like my mom and grandmother used to make). When I find a little more time in the day, or week, I'm spinning, knitting or sewing.

I hope you'll check back often, follow me on Facebook and check back often to see what's new and in the making.

Bear hugs

New Crochet Patterns

I've been wanting to get some crochet patterns down on paper (so to speak, how about typed and saved on my computer), but thinking about it and actually doing it have definitely been two different things. I'm thrilled to say it's happening. Two are finished and more are on in the making.

I've added both new patterns to the Etsy shop, "The Wool Purl" and my Ravelry Store is up and running.

Both patterns are quick and easy so you can have them finished in no time. You might even get them done in time to wrap and give as a gift.

Simply Cute Lamb is 12 inches tall and uses worsted weight and boucle yarn with a G hook. Simply Cute Bear is 11 inches tall and also uses worsted weight yarn and a G hook. Both patterns can be crocheted with smaller hooks and lighter weight yarn for a smaller tighter gauge toy.