Stitching Eyes

 Make two French knots about 1 row up from nose with 
4-5 single crochet stitches between knots.

Using white, back stitch 3-4 stitches as close to outside of eye as possible. Make stitches about 1 row long. Next add 1 stitch of white as close to inside of eye as possible, catching a little of the French knot to hold it in place (don’t worry if stitches are not the exact length of each other, the eyelid will help hide little flaws). 

Back stitch across top of eye, just above French knot, use 5-6 stitches. After stitches are finished, add a vertical back stitch to hold lid in place.

 With single ply of black yarn, add one back stitch under lid, going across eye, 
extending a little pass lid. Add a tiny vertical back stitch to the inside corner of eye to hold stitch in place. 

With single ply of white, add a tiny stitch in center of eyes and back stitch a single line across 2-3 stitches on top of nose. 

Adding French Knot Eyes with Crochet Lids to Appliques

Using ending yarn tail from lid, thread tapestry needle, sew eyelids just over French knot (at a slight angle,
using tiny whip stitches), sew sides and top of lid, leave bottom un-sewn. 2: With separated ply of black yarn, back stitch 1 line across bottom of eyelid, extending stitch just slightly pass lid. Add a tiny vertical back stitch to inside of eye to hold stitch in place.


  1. I have purchased several patterns, the're so attractives, I love all !!. And in particular their eyes of course !! But I don't understand how to make the lids on the duck..... Is there only 4 or 5 dc sewed on the eyes ?
    All detail are so important for expressive face.
    Have you deleted your videos on YouTube ? or I confuse with another designer ? Continue to take pleasure crocheting and to please us with your soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute patterns, friendly Leelou from France

  2. I have forgotten..... THANKS a lot for sharing your secrets !! Leelou

  3. Hi Leelou,

    Thank you so much for your nice message, sorry I'm a little confused, there are no double crochet stitches on the duck's eyes or eyelids. The video is still here on the blog and should also be on You Tube. Sorry I haven't been more helpful, maybe you can let me know which row or round of the pattern you seem to be having problems with and I'll try to help more.

  4. My comment is about this post only. I have not made this duck..... I only look this photo, your title contains "crochet lids to appliques" and you explain " eyelids just over french knot.." (I know what french knot embroidery stitch is) " sides and top of lids...". But you don't explain how to make the yellow eyelids what "leave bottom un-sewed..".
    I want to make this sort of eyelid on others amigurumis. I look for the pattern if it is free, the explanations of this yellows lids are perhaps into....
    Thanks for this response, (I go to rummage...) wishes, Leelou
    (sorry, i have not used my dictionnary, i hope it's clear at least !)

  5. Hi, Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the eyelid instructions are part of the pattern. Happy crocheting.

  6. Yessss !! I have the baby doll pattern and explanations are inside. Sorry !! and thankssss for your sculpting lessons. A lot of work for translating and to understand the technical phrase.... but, I hope.., for a cuuuute result !! ;) Leelou

  7. Terri, I just bought your adorable baby pattern and made my first one. YOU are a genius! I am new to crocheting and found your directions awesome. I think I wuv u! lol