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Helpful Pictures For Needle Sculting & Stitching
 Bring needle up from bottom of head right next to corner of eye, move needle 
across to the other side of the eye.

Insert needle about one stitch out from eye or eyelid, go back out through opening, tug lightly to slightly indent and help shape face.

Bring needle back up in beginning stitch at top inside of eye, take yarn and needle down and over eyeliner. Insert needle about one stitch down and again bring back out through opening, tugging lightly again for shaping. Secure yarn and repeat steps for the other eye. 
Use Fun Fur or Lash Yarn to give some of our animals lashes instead of eyeliner

So Cute Baby Face

Where to put those ears
How about baby eye brows

Crocheting in the round You Tube Video


To make your witch's eyelids (or eyelids for any of your toys), start with a long yarn tail (to use for sewing later), ch 5, FO, again leave a long tail. After securing safety eyes, thread a tapestry needle with one yarn tail, insert needle as close to top inside corner of the eye as possible. Insert and bring needle out through bottom of head, where stitches won't be seen, Thread other yarn tail, insert on opposite side of eye, bring the chain just over the top of the eye at a slight angle. Insert the needle, again bringing it out back down through the bottom of the head. Secure ends, tugging slightly to keep lids in place. Begin needle sculpting.