Friday, December 31, 2010

Vera Bradley

I started out saying, "I'll never buy one of those." Wrong. I'm hooked. It started when I saw a half price sign over the Vera Bradley display at one of my favorite gift shops. I bought my first little tote and fell in love. Those cute little yellow birds and pretty flowers had me. My knitting fit perfectly, the straps didn't fall off my shoulder and every pocket seemed to be in the perfect place. Not long after that first tote, another cute one popped up in another sale bin, and then another. Next thing I knew...I was looking at those bags on the regular priced shelves. After purchasing a weekender for the rare weekends when I need a bag, I told myself I didn't need anymore and would keep away from all Vera displays for awhile.

Guess what, I needed one. The minute I opened that fun Ipad on Christmas morning, I knew it would need to be protected. No other case or cover would do. I had to have a Vera Bradley. The day after Christmas, I grabbed a hat, brushed my teeth, found my gift card and headed to Hallmark. Almost forgot my coffee, but let's not get crazy. Two minutes to eight and women filled the tiny vestibule waiting for the doors to open. Poor Hallmark employees I thought. I barely glanced at the discounted wrapping paper, cards and ornaments. If you knew me at all you'd know this was a little out of the ordinary. Only two covers left, one would surely come home with me. Decision time, the bright happy shades of pink or the softer black and green. I would have been happy with either, but the black and green stayed in my hand as I headed over to the ornaments.

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