Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There's a new wheel at my house. What a great husband and a great birthday present.

Oh, just think some day I might make beautiful yarn. Please notice how I said someday. This fun new piece of equipment might look easy to use, but those twists are tricky business. I've been treadling for days only to discover I'll be doing a whole lot more treadling before I have what I'd call "real" yarn. Practice, practice, practice. I've been treadling so much, I'm treadling while I'm sitting here typing this.

So I did make a bobbin full of yarn. Be nice, it's my first and I'm hoping when it goes onto the niddy nobby it will still look like yarn.

With practice and something new comes patience. Although this is something I've had to work on my whole life I'll get some...patience that is and eventually hand spun yarn to share.

In between treadling, I think I'm going to try hand dying this week. Stay tuned for updates and pictures. Hope the dye stays on the table and doesn't turn the kitchen to many shades of red (or whatever colors I decide to work with).

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