Monday, June 6, 2011

I've got ants

I never thought I'd be saying that I need ants, but that's exactly what I said. Last year, I planted a peony bush by the back of my fence. It was full of buds, but never opened. My friend told me I needed ants to eat the wax off the buds so that they could open. Wow, learn something everyday. So I poured a little sugar water on it and waited. Nothing, not an ant in sight. I tried again, no ants. What the heck, there were ant hills all over the other side of the fence, ants are always there when you don't want them, but when you luck. So, my poor little peony bush never did open and by the end of Fall it was looking like it just wasn't going to make it. When Spring finally (and I mean finally) arrived, my poor peony bush looked like it had passed in the Winter, so I pulled it out, sighed and gave in to the fact that I was (and am) a pretty bad gardener.

About a month ago, I looked over and realized, it was back it had grown while I wasn't looking and it looked better than ever. This week it was filled with buds and I immediately remembered. Oh, no I need ants, so, I grabbed a bottle of left over (flat in fact) orange soda, added a little water and went to work, pouring it slowly over every bud.

It worked! I have ants and blooms. Who would have thought I'd be wanting ants.

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