Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Set for "So Cute Baby Doll"

Holidays usually mean lots of pictures so baby has to look good. New "So Cute Baby, Loving Snow Set" includes written instructions for vest, dress, snowflake applique, snowman booties, socks and Mary Jane Style Shoes. Note, the pants and shirt shown are from "So Cute Baby Play Wear" and the snowman hat is available here on the blog for free.

Happy crocheting!

So Cute Baby Loving Snow Set
Available now through my Website, Ravelry, Etsy or Craftsy


  1. Hi Teri-
    I love your patterns and I believe you have a gift. I don't know whether you only do animals but my granddaughters absolutely love mermaids. I have looked all over for a good, decent crocheted mermaid pattern but it is quite scarce. I would so love to see a mermaid doll made with your gifts and talents.
    My other request would be a Great Dane dog. We lost our beloved Elvis September 29th and this would be like a memorial to him for us. He was mostly black with some white on his muzzle and down his neck and chest, one streak of white down the back of his neck and four white paws with big doe brown eyes. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
    Jamea Henry

  2. Hi Jamea,

    Thank you for your nice message and great suggestions, they definitely might be in the making soon. If they turn out you will definitely be the first to get the pattern(s). Sorry to hear about Elvis, I know how difficult that is. It doesn't take them long to become family.


  3. Preciosos tus podrias subir un tutorial de como poner los ojos y cejas por favor..estoy interesada en como le das la expresion que tienen.muchas gracias