Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New "So Cute Baby Doll Pattern Book"

At last, all baby's patterns in one downloadable E-book

"So Cute Baby Doll Book" includes: 
So Cute Baby Doll Pattern
Baby's first t-shirt, booties, teddy bear hat, teddy bear cocoon, teddy bear toy
Baby Play Wear Set with pattern for newsboy cap, pants, t-shirt, tennis shoes, 
Loving Snow Wear Set with pattern for dress, vest and Mary Jane Shoes
Baby Beach Wear Set with pattern for baby bikini, swim trunks, flip flops, sun hat and headband
Winter Wear Set with pattern for coat, overalls, boots and bunny mittens

  Get your "So Cute Baby Patterns Book" from Teri Crews.com now for $14.95


  1. I need help! Where/ what row did you place the eyes before sculpting? I just can't make it look right! dmasprey@hotmail.com please help!

  2. Hi,

    After sewing on the nose, the eyes are placed about 2-3 rounds up from nose with 4-6 sc stitches in between. Hope this helps.