Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sometimes You Have To Set It Aside

For several weeks now I have been working on a knitting pattern (not my first attempt at writing up a knitting pattern) and as much as I love to knit, I'm frustrated. I have definitely done more un-knitting then knitting so it's time to put it aside (for another day) and get back to crocheting. 

I picked up and got back to work on a sweet baby blanket that has been patiently waiting for me in the basket next to my chair. It's almost ready for the border. I love the soft sweet colors and can't wait to share the pattern with you. I might add a small softie to go with it. Just not sure what the little softie will be yet. I'll keep you posted. 

Loving the Caron Simply Baby Yarn, soft and washable.

1 comment:

  1. I Love Your Work And Miss Your Patterns:0) I Love Caron Yarn And Can't Wait To See This Blanket!!!