Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Those Websites

Hope everyone is enjoying some nice weather. It's been beautiful here this week so I'm going to try not to sound grumpy. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who lets me know when they see one of my patterns being offered or shared somewhere it isn't suppose to be. Yes, it happens (alot) and I promise I'm not going to go into a big bout of "it isn't right", "it is stealing" and so on. I just wanted to tell everyone what I've discovered about a couple of these sites (the ones I'm talking about are all international, free, sharing and forum sites, naming them could be defined as "harressing"). Anyway, everytime I have gone on these sites and registered (you have to be a member to comment, makes sense, they want to know who you are and get your information) in order to ask them to "immediately" remove my patterns and/or images my computer seems to slow down. 

Now maybe this is a coincidence, I am definitely not very computer savy, but when I run a scan, I find tracking cookies, this has happened several times, not just once so I'm pretty convinced it isn't a coincidence. Anyway, it may be nothing, but just in case I wanted to give a heads up to those out there who may be just browsing or visiting these sites for the first time, as for those who are visiting them and happily sharing or taking (I really mean stealing, oops a little grumpy), not just my patterns or images, but lots of other designers as well, maybe what goes around, does come around. Oh darn, that might have sounded grumpy again, sorry about that. Well, sort of. 

Anyway thanks for letting me vent a little and for those of you browsing the web without any bad intentions, please be careful. 


  1. Teri, as an author ( not as of late ) who has had her books appear on sites like this, I feel your pain. I could say a lot but it would entail a ton of swear words. I love your patterns so much and I am so sorry this is happening to you. You're one of the few who do offer free patterns that are just as adorable as your pay-for patterns. Hang in there!

  2. P.S. Is that a hint of a new pattern?????

  3. Hi Heather, thank you so much for your nice message. I know what you mean about using swear words to describe these situations, luckily the good people I have gotten to work with outweigh the bad. Have a great weekend and happy crocheting. Teri

  4. I had a whole comment written out and I don't know if it came through, but basically it had said I know how u feel as a photographer I sometimes get the same problem.I have not written out near as many crochet patterns. but I do know how time intensive they are, you deserve the credit and the money that comes with writing a pattern and selling it. I will be on the lookout for any of these sites and let you know for sure if I see any. I am on a mission to have bought every one of your patterns. So far, I have seven or eight I think. I should probably make that more today off to etsy I go !!!! :)

  5. Terri this type of thing is so frustrating. I love your patterns and I have the alien. Haven't made it yet, but plan on it someday!

    It is too bad there are so many dishonest people out there.

    Keep up with the great patterns!!