Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Yarn, New Project

You have all the yarn you'll ever need, your stash is overflowing. You have yarn stuffed here, there and everywhere, it isn't the yarn you need or want. 

It isn't the right color, it's not the right weight, fiber or texture. There isn't enough of it to make anything or the right thing, the dye lots are different, your sick of that color, and on and on. 

Sometimes, you just need some new yarn to feel inspired again (or at least that's the reasoning I'm going with at the moment). You know that "oh, I love that color" yarn, or "that is so soft" kind of yarn. 

I've decided, new yarn definitely makes me happy, and honestly I am feeling inspired, ideas are flowing (will they turn into projects, well that's another post), so off to my favorite chair. 

Something new in the works, grab that creative feeling 
and run with it or start moving those fingers. 
Nope, not Wicked Witch feet, even though that's another cute idea. 

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