Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simple Cute Elephant Pattern

Just finished this fellow. Hope he's loved.


  1. I would love this pattern. It would be perfect as a gift for a friend of mine, that I am hoping to make an elephant for. Do you have the pattern?

  2. Hello! :)

    I would love to purchase this pattern from you.
    By chance are you selling/sharing. It's amazing!


  3. Okay I have searched Craftsy high and low for this pattern and cannot find it. PLEASE tell me where to find this pattern so I can order it? A link anything please. I GOT to have HIM! He is so adorable and the cutest one I have found so far. Love him.

  4. Hi Denise,

    Thank you so much for your nice message. This little elephant is in Animal Amigurumi, a leaflet published by Annie's Attic. The leaflet contains 8 of my patterns and is available as a hard copy or instant download from their website. Here is a direct link:

  5. The patterns are no longer available at Annie's. Is there somewhere else I can find it?

  6. I found the pattern here...