Monday, January 30, 2012

What I'm Doing Today

I am always working on something. You know me, I'm one of those people with half finished projects all over the place (well, almost all over the place, I try to keep them contained).  There is always something in the making on my knitting needles, something in my crochet basket, half finished cards, patterns and scrapbook pages. Buttons, ribbon, lace, felt and thread waiting to be chosen.  

Today, I'm playing with thread crochet. Working with this soft cotton and small hook bring back memories of my mom and grandmother. When I was little and I'd watch them creating clean white doilies with a little hooks and thread. I couldn't imagine how they could be enjoying this long tedious process.  So much work for something so small. Home always had clean, white, starched doilies on every flat surface, under every lamb and bowl. Sometimes while sitting or laying on the floor watching t.v. or working on a little project of my own (probably a pot holder or Barbie outfit back then) my mom would be ironing and starching her newest creation. Every so often I'd feel a little mist of starch and still love that clean, fresh smell, must be a happy memory. Funny how things come back around. Now I sit and crochet with a tiny hook. 

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