Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Video Tutorial

Need a little help putting those arms and legs on your softie? I just added a new You Tube Video titled Thread Jointing.

So...keep in mind, I'm not very good at this video making thing (obviously), of course I have some excuses,  it was early and my iPhone is tiny (aren't they all). Sometimes seeing something done is easier then reading, so I hope the video helps a little. Happy Crocheting.


  1. Ohhhh...that is how you do that...that makes so much more sense then how I have been doing it. Thanks for taking the time to show that. I am going to go pin it so I will have it for later and of course share. :-)

  2. Need help...having problems attaching hands together...attaching hands to arms.. little feet to legs..putting nose and ears on and do you sew or glue white of the eyes on and how do you put the eyelids on...sorry for all the question its my first time