Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Crochet Weather

It is a little warmer here today then yesterday. Ten degrees today. The dogs don't seem to like it very much, especially Walter (my little Yorkie. He seems to appreciate his knit sweater). The sun is shining though so that makes it feel a little warmer...or it least that's what some people say. It's the perfect time to crochet or knit and let's be honest that is all I really want to do anyway. I know there is laundry waiting, the need for a good dusting and there is always a room (or the whole) house that needs vacuuming. Somehow these just don't sound as nice as putting on my favorite sweats, grabbing a cup a coffee and heading to my chair for some quiet knitting or crocheting. I hope all of you are finding some time to sit in your favorite chairs.

Even though my chair is calling me, I'm working on a couple new patterns so I'll be moving around the house today. It's funny, I have a full finished basement with a nice big table, bright light and everything I need surrounding me, but I always end up moving around the house when I'm designing something new. I usually start in the kitchen. Basically, I tend to leave a trail of yarn, hooks, and notes wherever I go. Going to try to stop that. Found this great folding basket cart on wheels at Home Goods (have I ever said how much I love Home Goods?). I fill the basket with my current project and can roll it with me. When I'm done working for the night, I wheel it into the corner. Love it! I know, I really should keep everything together in one place (like the basement), but this is...more fun. 

Well, I'm off to crochet. 

I'm almost finished testing a new pattern, hoping you'll see it this week, but for now here are some pictures what's in the making at my house today.  


  1. I can´t wait for it. I love love love your patterns :D . I´m addicted :-*
    Greets from Germany

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment. Happy crocheting, Teri

  3. Please let me know asap! You are amazing

  4. Hi Kim,

    So sorry, not sure, are you asking about the dog blanket? If so, it's available now through my website, Etsy, Craftsy or Ravelry. Thanks again for your nice message.