Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Organized

Every once in a while, I get that urge. The time to get organized urge. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. You start out, full of positive energy, you pull out bins, go through boxes, grab the label maker and dig in. You find things you forgot you had, things you didn't know you had. You decide, "that's it" I'm going to be able to find everything whenever I need it. Your intentions are good and you might get it all done and have one of those studios or work spaces you see in a magazine. Or, you get most of it done, get rid of some things and then poop out, give up or feel sort of satisfied with a little bit done is better than none, I'll finish this later. My organizing day ended this week when I came across some plush fur that I'd forgotten I had. When I saw it, I thought hey, that's a bear I need to make, so everything went back where it was and I headed to the sewing machine (after putting the label maker away and thinking I'll finish this another day).

Theodore is one of my, get organized bears.


  1. Omg... I LOOOOVE this Bear do you have the directions on how to make this? I would love to mkae one.

    Penny from Michigan

    1. Thank you! Sorry no, I don' offer the patterns. I made mohair and collectible bears for 12 years before designing crochet patterns. Still love them though.