Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knit Faster

There is a little button pin on the side of my knitting bag. I got it last year while my husband and I were in Door County. It's a simple white button with three little words, "must knit faster." When I bought it, I thought, this pin is perfect. At that time, I felt like I needed to knit faster so that I could finish projects and gifts in time for holidays and special occasions. My projects seemed to hang on my needles a lot longer than other people's. My rows seemed to take longer to get across then everyone else.

The words on my little pin haven't changed, and I still feel like I need to knit faster, but not because I want to get sometime done in time for a holiday or birthday. Now I need to get done so that I can knit something else. There are so many things I want to knit and oh so little time to knit. Every month there's a new magazine filled with beautiful knit gifts, toys, cowls, scarves, mittens and hats. New patterns appear on Ravelry everyday, ideas pop into my head, my favorite designers have something new, friends show me what their working on or what they just finished. Oh, so much to knit. I don't have grandchildren yet (knock on wood), but what will I do when I'm told I will. There are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of baby things I want to make. Oh, so many patterns, so little time.

My pin says it all.

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