Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet faces

I love those sweet teddy bear faces. Actually it's not just teddy bears, it can be bunnies, sheep, elephants, lambs, dolls, etc. Probably why I'm a collector of bears, and dolls. Even after making bears for over eleven years, I still smile when a cub looks back at me with shiny glass eyes and a cute, "pick me up" face. Bears and dolls sit on shelves, perch on tiny chairs, poke out of baskets and peek out of corners in almost every room of my house. Sometimes, just looking at them makes me smile, brings back a memory or just makes me feel at home. Some people (you know who you are) think I have more than enough bears, maybe so, but since the rules for collectors are not really clear on the matter, I think I'll keep them. Sometimes while I'm walking through a shop, browsing a blog or checking out an antique store, a bear will catch my eye. Almost making me feel like he "called out to me." It never fails, I have to zoom in on his picture or pick him up and take a closer look. Sometimes I just steal a little hug and carefully put him back where he was so that someone else can enjoy that cute face. Sometimes...I have to bring him home with me, what can I say, I'm a bear collector. I can't speak for all of us, but I'm pretty sure bear collectors know this feeling. I hope some of my bears have that "pick me up" face.


  1. Teri.this is also a beautiful bear. I would love to do this one as well.

    Penny from Michigan

    1. Thanks again Penny. Sorry the patterns aren't available and each one was airbrushed so they all definitely looked different.

  2. Do you sell them?i would love to buy this one

  3. Thank you. Sorry no, this one was sold a long time ago. I made bears for over 12 years before designing crochet patterns.


  4. Do you have any of your beats for sale?