Monday, January 24, 2011

What did I get accomplished

Last week, I started out needle felting a miniature bunny who did not want to cooperate with me at all. His head didn't turn out like I planned (at all) and my fingers took a beating. After lots of pokes and loud compliments I set him off to side. Maybe he'll come alive another day.

Now, I'm wondering what I accomplished last week after.
I went through and organized a few totes, cleaned the house (not much fun), finished a plush ted named Theodore, did some grocery shopping, visited with friends and danced with a bowling pin (yep, Saturday night with friends) but what else did I accomplish? I'm thinking...yes, small, but accomplished. Two baby hats, and the beginning (not finished yet, so I'm sure she doesn't really count as accomplished) a knit kitten.

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